CAD service – Simply faster

With our CAD service, you save valuable working time and increase the efficiency of your development processes. On top of that, we also have the diverse KRYPTON product world which is available around the clock, quickly and conveniently in our online library.

We can support your design and development department with several 2D and 3D data formats and can give you support through our teams if needed.

Excellent product design - advantage with a system

The defining principle of our design is the system concept. Our product world is distinguished by a high degree of flexible possibilities for adaptation and integration. As an intelligent modular system, it offers great freedom for the individual implementation of your functional and formal requirements. Beyond this, our engineers are available as competent partners for efficient co-developments in order to design exclusive mobility solutions for the market of tomorrow.

With regard to the perfect combination of engineering and design, we have always been seen as a driving force. This is also reflected in the numerous awards our company has achieved again and again.

Our test centre – Everyday life as a benchmark

The everyday use of tyres and wheels doesn’t hold itself to standards. Therefore, the testing requirements are often far above those of the specifications applicable to the use. Whether it be wheels, tyres, or individual components, in our testing laboratory, every part must stand up to significantly higher requirements. For example, we test the samples in a temperature chamber. There, under extreme temperatures, the products are subjected to all kinds of tensile and compression tests. In addition, we also check the static and dynamic load capacity at contact pressures above the standard. The same applies to changing loads during continuous swivel and collision tests. We also test the interaction of the products with a wide variety of surfaces according to customer specifications.

Our tyres and wheels must prove outstanding longevity and endurance during the analysis of abrasion volume as well as in harsh salt spray tests. The result: solutions that impress with their premium quality and are proven to increase mobility in their applications.

Global support – Completely personal

No matter where your company is located, we offer qualified support on your site. You can rely on our experienced solution experts, who know your country’s cultural characteristics inside out and can provide you with perfect support as native speakers – especially if things aren’t running smoothly.

With our global network, we are capable of responding to your concerns quickly and with the highest problem-solving expertise – all over the world.

Intelligent product identification - Control ex works

If you are looking to implement product identification solutions in order picking, process control or parts tracking, we are capable of equipping your products accordingly.

Take the opportunity to increase your manufacturing transparency, to simplify your reordering and repair processes and even lower your operational costs. On request, we can label your products with an individual Data Matrix Code (DMX) containing all relevant information. Digital identification with key data such as model year, production order or order number guarantees effortless data processing and ensures uncomplicated, long-term identification of the products.

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